Architectural Design is an exciting and emotional experience because it deals with your personal tastes and desires. It is the blending of ideas, thoughts and senses into concrete, wood and steel to incorporate all of the client’s passions into a coherent design.

One of the major contributing factors to a good design is listening to the client. At PDRdesigns, we listen to our clients and ask questions about how they intend to use the spaces and why, in order to ascertain how we should put together the design package. Each design is tailored to the client’s wants, needs and budget. Many times we have heard our clients say, “I never thought about doing it that way!” Our job is to think of all the possibilities and look at a problem from a different angle or perspective.

In essence, We Solve Problems!

At PDRdesigns we guide clients from their first design ideas through final construction. To help you understand our Process, the 5 typical stages of a project are detailed below. We will review these stages at our initial consultation, discuss options and determine the best course of action for your particular project.

Stage 1: Documenting Existing Conditions – measuring all existing buildings, floor plans and elevations (site measurements are performed by the surveyor) in order to establish a beginning point for all renovations and addition projects.

Stage 2: Discovery and Programming
Discovery – Evaluating the current building site including zoning and code research
Programming – Identifying the project owner’s needs and wants and together establishing a clear scope of the work to be completed.

Stage 3: Schematic Design – Rough sketches are created to provide the client a beginning point for discussion. This stage is about traffic flow through the site and functional relationships. Since design is a fluid process, nothing is hard lined at this point. It may take 1 or 2 more iterations before the Client approves the schematic design and moves to the next phase.

Stage 4: Design Development– Refining the rough sketches into plans, elevations and detailed drawings. Materials and mechanical systems will be discussed during this stage. These drawings will form the basis for the construction documents and will be approved by the owner before moving forward. This is the time we like to identify consultants to include on the project team. At PDRdesigns, we believe that best projects are the result of the combined efforts of the Client, Architect, Designers, and Contractors. (The architect can make recommendations for a qualified contractor)

Stage 5: Construction Documents – Providing detailed documents so the permits can be obtained by the General Contractor. All jurisdictions require a code compliant set of documents to issue a building permit. We work with you and your contractor to ensure you are able to obtain your permits.